Polling Indicates Americans Support Reforms to Curtail Federal Regulatory Power

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Recent polling by Scott Rasmussen has indicated that Americans are supportive of proposals to curtail the administrative state and federal regulatory power over the lives of individual Americans. The federal administrative state extends far beyond regulations that ensure clean air and water. In fact, regulations impact nearly every facet of American public […]

Musk Right To Call ESG a Scam

Elon Musk took to Twitter this month to speak the truth: “ESG is a scam.” Attacks from left-wing “wacktivists” ensued, while Mr. Musk sat back and grabbed his popcorn, clearly relishing the outrage and “woke” backlash. But for every blue check criticizing Mr. Musk, there were just as many people cheering him on, applauding this […]